As it says in the title.
Just bought one and the guitar shop guy said I shouldnt daisy chain the power to it.
I dont think it will break but I just want a second opinion really.
It's explained on the EHX website:

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That's confusing because most pedals use a center negative power supply. However I think that some EHX pedals use a center positive supply with a mini-plug instead of the Boss center negative barrel type supply. I'm guessing they mean you can't daisy chain with other EHX pedals. Looks to me that it would daisy chain with the Boss type center negative pedals just fine.
It looks to me like it works with a normal Boss type 2.1mm center negative barrel connector. I don't even see a reason why it can't be daisy chained w/ other center negative pedals (which most are).
false. it is bad!

They ****ed up the Nano Clones at the factory. I bought one and it came with a note specifically saying not to. Though on the pedal itself it says that it fits industry standard it does not. It is the opposite and WILL break your equipment if you daisy chain them.

Return it and get either a small clone or a completely different chorus all together. I returned mine and got the MXR stereo chorus
Well, there's your answer. That's the oddest thing I've seen in a pedal. I have several pedals that use a center positive supply. They all use 1/8" mini jacks and cannot be daisy chained with Boss type pedals. To put a center negative barrel connector on a pedal and have it short the supply if daisy chained is the dumbest thing a pedal maker could. I would agree that the pedal should be avoided.