Hi do you guys know any good harmonizers? Not eventide though there to expensive.

Digitech Whammy 4 and Digitech Harmony Man.
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Digitech Harmony Man.
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EHX HOG? I liked the POG, it's got great polyphonic generation. I've seen several demos, and it's really cool. Also check out the EXH mini-synth, it's quite similar but you can change the attack of the instrument as well (you might be able to do that anyway on the HOG, I forget). It's quite expensive, but it has a lot of options (3rds, 5ths, multiple octaves), and you can mix each in individually.
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The Digitech IPS-33 is a decent budget harmonizer. It tracks really well and I've seen them as low as $85. The ones with built in delay go for alot more though.
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