I know it's a broad question, but I'm not really sure what goes into being "better". My problem is that I know a lot of theory and I'm good at improvising. However, I'm not very good technically, so it makes it hard to express what I want through my guitar(I hope that makes sense). My vibrato, hammer ons, and pull offs are decent, but my playing is way too slow. How can I kind of speed my playing up?

What would you guys suggest? I hope this made sense.

Thanks for any help!
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Well using the Metronome is always a good way to get faster
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play whatever it is you want fast, very slowly for one week. after that it'll start to become a habit and you'll be able to do it faster. it takes 21 days to make a habit, so if you do it daily it'll become set in stone. a metronome can help also. accuracy and clarity will ALWAYS impress a person more than speed. probably only 2-5% of your listeners will ever want more speed. focus on hitting each note perfect and speed will follow. think of it like brushing your teeth. you can probably blaze through brushing your teeth cause its a habit. you can do the same with speed on guitar

for hammer ons and pull offs you can do trills or a hammer on pull off for each string with each finger, rusty cooley has a video doing it somewhere for a better explaination.

for vibrato, whatever type of vibrato it is you choose to do, practice it each finger by itself on every single fret. i used to do it with a tv in the background so that i wouldn't go completely crazy. it took me about 45 minutes to do it but the results in my different types of vibrato and more strength in my fingers was ridiculous
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there are 1296 different four note over six string patterns (6666, 6665, 6664, 6663, 6662, 6661, 6656, 6655, 6654, etc.) practice all of them, with all upstrokes, then all down strokes, then alternate picking. that should help