So I've been getting into some trying to play some of the all time greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix but I just don't see how one could possibly learn an entire 5 minute song that is as technical and brilliant as this guys play it. Now of course neither I nor anyone here will be playing just like them but I see people playing their stuff all the time, I look at a tab like this and just melt.

How would I go about practicing something like this? Guitar Pro? Practice it for two months? Ha I just feel like maybe I'm missing something. How do you guys learn complicated pieces like this?
Break it down into smaller pieces, learn a few bars at a time then start putting them all together. Guitar Pro is great for learning, as are tabs, watching good covers on YT is also a good resource

If it's Lenny you want to learn use the other tab, the chords he plays at the start are wrong on that one but the rest is good.
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