Hi i wonder if anyone can recommend some products for cleaning your guitar, i use fast fret on my strings but the guitr is getting a bit dirty and they neck is harder to move across so basically looking for some type of cleaner, also something good for the fretboard would help.

thanks in advance.
Dunlop Formula 65

I use this dunlop formula 65 Polish & Cleaner... I have a satin black schecter damien & that satin black just loves finger prints... This polish removes every fingerprint... along with all the dust as it also loves to show the dust and w/e else i might encounter... it has even removed a few scratches..small ones.. don't ask me how it did it but it did.lol

i would recommend this polish for sure..

now i still have to buy a good cleaning cloth as mine i'm currently using leaves little bits.. just tiny bits of dust on the body but w/e.. it's barley noticable.
Fender also makes some good products
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I've alwaysed used Fast Fret, but I feel inclined to trying that Dunlop product now.
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