I am not that exposed to many artists and i would like to know many more styles can anyone post the artist/band's name and the album they like and what genre it is so i can listen and be exposed to more different kinds of music? Also does anyone know of a site where i can get music free?
Some artists i listen to are
Eric Clapton
Jimi Hendrix
Stevie ray Vaughan
sorta like eric clapton style look up joe bonamassa/gary moore/dave hole/paul rogers/pete green - fleetwood macc. joe bonamassas my fav
Since you like Eric Clapton check out John Mayer Trio, very bluesy. If you're into hard rock check out The Darkness. I personally think you should check out The White Stripes, Raconteurs, or The Dead Weather, all bands that have Jack White in them. They're a mixture of garage rock, blues, and pop.
ATM I'm getting into Katatonia a lot, I can't really recomend alot cause I don't know a lot myself, but 'The Great cold Distance' is a really cool album, very complex rythmicly (excuse me if my spelling might suck). Anyhow I don't know what kind of player you are or whether I will still like this band next month but at the moment they really strike me.
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you may want to check out older blues guys too like buddy guy, bb king, and sonny boy williamson
Hey there, if you like SRV and Jimi Hendrix then I really suggest you look into Buddy Guy because he influenced them both so much and they really loved his work... he's really good... also check out Albert King as he was another major influence... he was left handed and actually played a right handed guitar upside down... which is really something to see... Stevie got a lot of style from him.

Also, these aren't really bands but more guitar players you should check out...

Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Warren Haynes
Robin Trower
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

If you like Rockabilly...
Brian Setzer (from Stray Cats)

Also for Rockabilly and Surf...
Junior Brown (he's old school country twang and Rockabilly and he plays like nothing you've ever heard he's so good).