Progressive metal....thing.

I started writing this song while sitting among friends with my guitar in Bemidji, Minnesota at a German immersion program I took part in for a month. I committed the first few riffs to paper on the spot, because I knew I didn't want to forget them. Upon returning home in late August, I continued to write, only this time instead of paper I input my ideas into Guitar Pro expanding the few riffs to a backbone which I (working, of course, at my own leisure) embellished upon with solos and and the like, and eventually writing the bass and drum parts. Most of the recording was completed at my friend's house, with him on drums because I can't play them, and me on bass/guitar.

This is the first song I ever did, so forgive the broken songwriting/clipping drums/generally shitty recording. Also, lol at me audibly hitting the body of the acoustic guitar with my pick at the ~4:10 section.


Listen and enjoy, comments appreciated!
beautiful! 100% win
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Wow, I'm impressed, especially for a first timer. Composing was great, some parts didnt work too well, but overall, was great, your tone was pertty good, some parts did clip, but thats ok. I sadly did laugh at the pick hitting the guitar part, only because you pointed it out. But I have to say my favorite part was the ending riff, where it started with your last acoustic riff, with the pick smash, that was the best part of the whole song for me. It just fit together really well at that part.

Overall, nice job.

Crit mine? If you want.
It's kind of a weird transition from it being Opeth-ish in the first 1:30 or so to turning almost punk-ish for about thirty seconds before switching to the acoustic Opeth sound again. It's well played though, but yeah, the recording quality isn't great. Try to get rid of the clipping and maybe try a noise remover, it's pretty apparent at the beginning of the song. The solos are nice though, maybe my favorite part. You can also get rid of most clicks from your pick hitting your guitar using a click removal thing, this would also solve some of the clipping. Really, just going back over this in Audacity would improve the quality by a large amount with a little work.

Overall, nice job, especially great if this is your first piece. Not much to say about the playing.


Take a look at my first original piece if you have the desire.
You sir have played an amazing song

What have you used to record these songs, if i may ask ?!