V-Reg Ford Transit LWB – £2,000 ONO

Location: Guildford, Surrey, UK

·V-Reg (2000)
·119,132 miles
·Panel van
·Power steering
·3 front seats (full straps, no lap straps)
·MOT until March 2010
·TAX until April 2010
·Excellent runner

A - Front cab, CD player with AUX out (4 channels)

B - Blade fuse holder (plenty of room for expansion)

C - Rear of van (with dining table up)

D - 700W inverter and 110Ah secondary leisure battery and charging circuit

E - Top cupboard with mirror

F - Cooking hobs with grill and bottom cupboard

G - Fully insulated with vapour barrier

H - Rear of van (with dining table up)

I - Fire extinguisher, light switch and 2 x 240v mains sockets

J - Interior

K - Main cupboard approx. 900 x 600 x 500 (2 shelves)

L - Electronics

M - Rear of van (with 6’ x 6’ bed)

N - Front cab

O - Large storage space underneath every seat

P - Interior

Q - Fitted with 5 x 20W halogen lights

R - Fitted with 4 x 6” x 9” speakers

S - Rear doors open (fitted with speakers)

T - Cooking hobs with grill and bottom cupboard

U - Rear of van with table down before placing backrests to make bed

Any questions don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks.
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