I am considering buying one, and I am wondering if I would be able to store all of my pedals in it, even though some of them are in the effects loop of the amp?

Like, would I be able to plug the guitar, the amp, the effects loop send and return into the pedalboard, or is there only one in/out jack?
The board has one input, and two outputs (for stereo pedals).

How ever, as long as u don't mind one guitar lead going straight into a pedal, rather than through the built in input then you can hook up the fx loop to it.

You just have to use two outputs as separate rather than having one stereo pedal hooked up to both.
HI all...thanks for the post and I m new to pedals. I still dont understand the way to set up the Boss board for both effects loop and connected to the amp input. I want some pedals thru the effects loop and others to go directly btwn the amp and the guitar. Is this possible with the BCB- 60 board. ANY suggestions is greatly appreciated!