After my complete failuare with that last thrash song, I thought I would make something a bit slower, and use a scale I had played around with alot but never used. The lead guitar is a bit off, I think I need heavier guage high strings, but its just what it is for now. Somewhere in the mix you can hear the windows error sound, I have no idea how it got in there, but it did.

Tell me what ya'll think of this one, does my soloing suck?

Linky: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play726339

I'll happly crit yours if you leave me a linky.
Not bad at all. I love how in some parts you snuck in a few dissonant tones to give it kind of a sinister feel. Drums felt kind of dry. Perhaps if you put some reverb on them it would spice it up a little. Also, did you improvise the solos? I find that it helps a lot to just write solos before recording them, it can make it feel more natural, although it can be a bit of a pain to remember them. If you have it, I'd recommend using Guitar Pro to write songs before recording them, too. It's what I've been doing, and if you're not as lazy as I am, you might actually get to recording some as opposed to just writing them . But yeah, there is definite potential in a lot of these riffs.
I know the snare has reverb on it, but I do agree, the drums are a little weak, but I used the drumtrack software to write it, and it makes it like robot perfect.

My solos are improvised, I can't write solos worth crap, I know nothing of music theory, and I only know 3 scales, 2 of which are blues scales. I actually had guitar pro at one point, but it wouldent let me export the tracks, had to buy it first. So I just stick to intuition. The whole song was written in less than 15 minutes, so it could account for my bad soloing.
the kick sounds awesome. I would bring the rhythms guitars up a little more. I like the lead over the main riff, but i think if you are gonna expand on it you might want to change the rhythm parts. Maybe have a motive that repeats over the main rhythm part.

and i personally like dry drums, its more of a live natural feel so i dug the drum tracks.

overall i think the song needs more of a structure maybe. but good ideas.
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I liked it, but the solos didnt really fit in there. I actually improvise my solos to, but i usually re-record them a couple of times and try to keep the parts that fit well to the song and just reimprovise the other (am i making any sense here). After a while i manage to get a nice solo out.
The main riff was definately interesting, with the dissonant chords and all. And i cant say anyting bad about the drumms, since i almost never make my own, and when i do, they sound horrible. Maybe you could ad a base line? You can just record it on guitar and lower the pitch in whatever program you are using to record.
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Yeah this is pretty good, man! There were a few parts where the timing seemed kinda screwy, but all in all it wasn't bad. Definitely work out the mix when you get a chance, though because the two guitars are almost the same volume, it makes it a little hard to focus on a certain guitar.
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It's good, but the cymbals bug me for some reason. I think they sound kind of fake, but I guess that's to be expected using a program. The guitar is badass though, I like it. The solos do sound a little choppy, but I think that's something you could easily resolve if you put a bit more time into them. The main riff it pretty legit though. I think the idea of a bassline mention above might give it a bit more full feeling too. Could take a bit of fuzz out of your rhythm guitars, unless that's the sound you're going for.

Overall, well done. A bit more planning to it, and it'll really be something.
I really like how some parts resemble a bagpipes note dissonance. I would say the song needs the timing locked in better. There were moments where the the rhythm and lead were really working together, but these moments were really spread apart. Maybe listen to the phrases that really worked together and arrange them together back to back and create a very well composed song. Cheers man!
Not a bad song, but to me it kind of seemed a bit dull & repetitive up to the solo. The solo itself could probably be a lot better if you wrote something down and figured out what to play before recording. The drums sounded fine to me, if not a little boring in the first section before the solo.

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