Hi, I currently have a budget of about £70 (about $115) and I want a fairly good guitar pedal (has to be multi effect) so what could you guys recommend? I've looked at the Zoom G1X and was just wondering if there is any better options for that kind of price? The only requirement is that it has to have a pedal. I've only been playing for about half a year so my guitar is a crap strat copy and my amp is an SX-1065 (also crap)

PS I found the Zoom G1XN, Does anyone know the difference?
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i have the zoom g1 and i really like it. but u have to mess around with the eq and things to get a very good sound.

u could also check out the digitech rp155/255. if u dont have money for the 255 check out the 250 which is an older model.
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korg ax1500g, i use 1 just as a headphone amp for unsocial hours playing, they don`t make them anymore but i`ve seen 2nd hand ones knocking round for 15-25 quid.
Yeah, I think I'm actually just gonna go with a Zoom G1XN since I ralised that for that sort of money I'm not going to get anything significantly better. And it's only £65 for the pedal, all the leads I'll need and P&P so it's cool, but thanks for the suggestions anyway.