Does anybody here know about good grapic EQ pedals for guitar you know like the MXR 6 band.

The MXR 6-band is a decent pedal. Spring for the 10-band if you can afford it. Also heard good things about the Danelectro EQ pedal as well.
I was just about to ask for the same thing haha, this is what I've found...

Danelectro Fish And Chips 7 band. Cheap.

Artec (I think) 8-band. Slightly less cheap.

Boss 7 band. Mid range.

and the MXR 10 band. High range.
The MXR 10-band is awesome. Never tried the 6-band but the 10-band is well worth the money IMO. The volume and gain level also help to shape your tone even more.
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I like my Boss 7-band. $100 USD new

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If you're on a budget the Dano Fish and Chips is a great pedal. Better than the Boss GE-7, imo (the Boss pedal is noisier).

If you have the cash you should spring for the MXR, if not then grab the Dano.
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Artec 8-band EQ/Tuner

A great deal for under $80, unless you can find the 10-band MXR at that price.

I agree, true bypass as well. Better than the dano but a bit more but its worth it.
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