Reluctantly being put up for sale as a 30 watt tube amp is simply too loud for the shared accomodation that I live in.

This combo amp comes with the slip cover, a spare Mesa tube, the footswitch and the manual.

Mesas are notoriously hard to EQ, so I've put pencil marks on my settings on the amp front - especially handy as dials always seem to get tweaked in shared accomodation. They're only pencil marks and will come off very easily.

The amp will give a massive amount of gain, and yet cleans up like a Fender amp. You really can get ANY sound out of this brilliant bit of kit. Its just a shame that I get whinged at when I try to turn it to a respectable volume

Asking 650, I'm willing to post by courier at your expense, or it can be seen and picked up from just outside Cardiff Airport.

No trades please, just the cash.

Photos on request.