Hello everyone this is my first post here. I thought I would start be sharing something I created. I read the Crit4crit sticky, that's a pretty good idea.

This is song I wrote over the last few months. It's called "My Return To the Void". I used a line6 podx3 running the piezo 2 setting. I used the tube echo with lots of flutter and some hall reverb.



Pertty good, real creepy song. The reverb is crazy, it sounds more like delay than reverb though, so it may be too much reverb. The tone is really good, and very interesting playing. Idk if you can add drums to that kind of song, but mabey a bass guitar would give it more low end and dynamics.

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I freakin' love that tone and sound. I think it'd serve as a perfect compliment to some acoustic pieces. But yeah, good playing and all. I like it without drums or bass or anything, and as said above, it would serve as a perfect interlude. If anything, I think a keyboard rhythm or maybe an underlying guitar rhythm under it would create a more whole sound, if that's what you're looking for.


Take a look at my first original piece if you have the desire.
That was interesting, very moody and atmospheric. I thought the big reverb sound was great, nice tone. The playing was great, loved the chords and whatnot, very unique. This song would probably not benefit from drums or anything else, maybe some subtle synth sounds though. I think this song would make a great little transition song, like you might here on a rock opera or something. Great tune.

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Sounds very interesting, you've definitely got a unique compositional sense. I could see this sounding really cool as a kind of interlude sequence, some vocals would really bring it to another place. Some kind of light percussion would be good, and bass would help. I like what you're doing here.

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Thanks for all the replies. I c4c'd every post so far.

Some of you said the exact thing I was thinking of this song, it's an interlude.

Thanks again guys.
Nice song, kind of reminded me of the interlude in 'Rime of the ancient mariner'. I think it would probably serve well as an interlude, as others have mentioned, possibly just before a heavy, distorted section or something. I noticed that the playing was a teeny bit sloppy in places but it wasn't too much of a major problem.

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