Although I like the music itself, the execution is a little screwy. It sounds very fake, too much MIDI sound perhaps. And when you have those long held notes, it sounds almost like it's a CD skipping. The drums come in and out at odd times, too, but that could be an artistic choice. When the constant drums come in at like 3 minutes, it's a bit better than it was without, makes me question why you waited so long to put them in. And as you noted in the description on the website, the ending is probably the best part. If the whole song was like that, it would be great.

So overall I'd say the music is good, but work on making it sound a bit more natural.
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Yeah, I have to agree it sounds kinda fake-ish, though it's a good concept. I don't like when the rhythm holds the same note for so long either. I agree with the above guy about the drums as well. I think it improves vastly at about the 2:30 mark, I like the change in guitars and the overall change in the tone, with the added drums and such. Cool idea, just might need a bit more work.


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Yeah its an artistic choice holding off the drums, a lot of the times the drums will hold the piece together and i wanted to build up to the drums and give a seperation and use percussion sparingly so that for instance the end of the song feels bigger because of it (or so i think) . Part One of scramble's holds off on a drum beat except for this random stab that i had moving through the middle of the piece the whole time. Should give it some production yeah will see what i can do about that. Might be putting some vocals over the first bit as well if i can find a good place to do it.