This is not advertisement, i just thought id share it as it's pretty awesome.

Dyson.. That man of innovation has done it again.
The bladeless fan..

It uses a small impeller which sucks in air at a rate of 27 L/s.
Then the air forced out and along an aero-foil shaped ramp.
The outcome is Air aplified 15 times.

linky link

i would get one if it wasnt 200 quid...

Stand up and cheer if you like SimCity

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That actually looks pretty cool lol. Totally serious! God bless that Dyson dude... and his hatred of fixed wheels
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Blackrat has won this thread. That is an awsome post.

This was posted right after I posted said post in a completely different thread... Whups.

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That would ruin all the joy of forcing picks between the blade of my fan and seeing what happens to them.
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That is epic. You can walk around waving that thing around saying "Fuck yeah, I'm awesome. I've got a fucking fanless fan."