I finally got a decent quality recording of my newest song, Abducted By Strangers. I played bass and guitar on it and used EZDrummer for drums. Let me know how you think it sounds. Juts got the bass so not sure if I cranked it too much or what. I Also have alot of other songs on my youtube page if you want to check them out. Thanks

Bass sounded good. Very Pantera-esque, good stuff. The part that needs the most work in my opinion is the solo, stylistically you have a good idea on what to do but it needs some work. What did you use to record btw?
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Ok, first of all, your guitar has too much bass, and not enough highs, the mids seem to be alright. So essentialy your guitar sounds very harsh, so adding highs and cutting lows will clear it up.

The bass cuts through too much, and doesnt cover the low frequiencys very well, so you need to roll back on the tone knob on your bass, and make the bass cover the lower frequiencys, instead of letting your electric guitar cover it.

The drums are well made, but are very thin, the bass drum has no bass, and the snare has no highs. Those are easy fixes though.

Overall, its a badass song, just has some mixing issues, but thats an easy fix. I would reccomend though, that you change the intro up a bit, it got kinda repetitive after a while. I give you a 5 out of 5 for musical creativness.

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