I am looking to sell or trade my ESP LTD MH-400. It is it great condition. Like New. I decided I wanted a through body guitar with passive pickups. I love this guitar, but since I play such a wide variety of music, I want something a little more versatile. Would like to get $500 for it or trade for a nice string through solid body with passive pups. Preferably with coil tapping.


sorry, no les pauls plz. my fault for not mentioning that. looking for super strat type stuff. PRS, Schecter, ESP (not sure how many LTDs come with passives) and things of that nature. USA only and no ibanez either for future.
/\ what he said. I have an H1001 w/ seymour duncans and I love it
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.
mainly because i dont want the trem anymore either. I did consider it tho. the pups really dont bother me that much, i just dont like not being able to change tunings on the fly. i could get a tremol-no, but kinda defeats the whole purpose hehe. if i cant find a buyer / trade, i will prolly just go ahead and get the tremol-no and leave it at that =).