Okay so I recently found and tackled a problem I've been having. Basically my left hand had been playing all wrong; I'd been using my wrist (a bent one at that) for strength when pushing the strings, and rolling my wrist for hammer-ons, but thanks to Freepower's finger independence video I've identified it as a problem and now I need to go back and learn to use my fingers instead of my wrist.

I'm basically gonna do chromatic and spider scales VERY slowly, making sure only the finger I want to use is moving, but what I need to know is should I do ONLY these for a while until it's habit, and then go back to song learning? Or can I still practice all my other stuff? I've read the whole 21 day thing and I'm wondering if I really need to focus on just getting that corrected for a while, because I kind of feel like if I were to go back to the songs I've played I'd just be reinforcing my bad habit some more. Like saying you've quit smoking but still having a cigarette every day.

What do you guys think? Just very slow chromatic variations along with modes for a while, or practice my songs some more? Or maybe break down the songs super slow so I know my fingers are working right?

Sorry if that's long, I just want to make sure I get rid of this habit the right way.
Do a combination of both if you are able to, but MAKE SURE that you are playing your old songs with the proper technique. If you can't, then just stick with the scales until the new technique becomes natural and start playing the old songs from there.
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Obviously, if you want to talk pure technical improvement, you could practice these exercises all day for a month or two and you'd seriously improve.

What's a lot more fun and still creates significant improvement is to just do that kind of exercise 15 minutes a day and to keep an eye on unnecessary movement at all times when practicing. When playing, just do what you want.
Right on, thanks guys. I think I'll keep the same practice routine I've always had, just slowed down for a while. I might even try the 21 day thing out of curiosity. I wish I would've caught the problem a lot sooner but I can already feel myself using a lot more fingers than wrist. I have definitely noticed my hammer-ons are a lot weaker, but I can tell they'll be way better than before with some finger strength. Back to practice!
Yeah, it's not a problem to be learning songs and such. You're probably going to have to relearn many of the songs you already know to rewrite your muscle memory with proper technique, but it's far easier than the first time around.