I shall comment and crit.

First of all, way too much gain on your lead guitars, made it sound really squeely and high pitch. Try double tracking with about half the gain you used. Lastly, your rythem guitar was nowhere to be heard once your lead guitars came in, so, I would reccomend you cut some bass and mids out of your lead and add it to your rythem, and mabey make your lead a bit quieter in the mix, so you can hear your rythem. You just want the rythem to heard, so it gives a basis for your lead guitar work.

I thought the song was badass, really great guitar work, the lead stuff was really inventive, and overall it worked well together with the second lead. You should add drums, this would be epic with drums. I think I did hear a closed hi hat in the beginning, kinda startled me.

Crit mine if you wish?
Im not really good at programing drums, i usually just use presets in EZdrummer And that sound at the start is not a closed hi-hat, its just something that Cooledit Pro 2 always puts in the start of every song when i export it to mp3 or waw . I dunno how to get rid of it.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.