Not sure if this is in the right section, but yesterday around 2:00 I placed an order with them directly off their website (not ebay store). I was using paypals correct website, not some scam site. I made a transition using a new paypal account for $20. this morning my mom gets a call saying somebody tried to complete some more transactions on the card later that night about $8:00. One for $20 on peoplefinder.com (what the lady said) and another $40 one for peoplefinder.com. So we had to cancel our card and deny the transactions

Now keep in mind I have NOTHING lurking on my computer. Im a techno-geek kinda and keep very good care of my computers files, and if I had a keylogger\virus\worm I would know immediatly.
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ummmmm, I doubt it... I'd say you've been keylogged
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Quote by R.D
ummmmm, I doubt it... I'd say you've been keylogged

like i said before. im a computer freak. reformat about once a month, ive never had a virus on my computer before. so im 99% positive that it wasnt any type of keylogger