The ring on on the end of the arm for my FR was bent and messing up, and I had to cut it off in order to actually screw the arm in. The problem now is that the arm is very lose, and I have to move the arm a few milimeters before it moves the actual bridge, making light vibrato almost impossible. I have tried wrapping tape around the end of the arm to make it thicker, but with tape on it is too thick to fit in the hole. I have decided to buy a new one.

Anyone know where I can buy just the arm for an OFR, online, that will ship to the UK?
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any guitar shop usually even if they dont have one they will proberbly order it in for you
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guitarfetish.com or warmoth.com They both have a shitload of stuff in there, and Im pretty sure that Ive seen OFR arms in both of them. But your local GC will probably have them.
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You can order it from Floyd Rose website directly just give them a call
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