Just wondering what peoples opinions on these fuzz pedals are


I'm not wanting to spend a shed load of money on a boutique pedal, and after watching a few clips on youtube with people using them they managed to get a pretty decent sound from it

I'll be using it along with a Telecaster, a BOSS DS-1 and a Crybaby GCB-95 through a Cube30X on a clean channel

I can get one of these for £40, what do you guys think?
Don't know about that particular pedal but I've heard good things about the Fuzzface (but its almost twice the price of the pedal you posted). Sorry I can't be much help.
ahh its fine, for some reason not many people have heard about that particular model for some reason
Those original Hendrix sig pedals were just awful IMO. The new ones aren't too shabby though.
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