Do I have to change power tubes and pre tubes the same time?

I have a Crate V33 and was wanting to get a better sound, would I get it by changing the power or the pre tubes? Thanks!
i dont think u have to change both at the same time, but different combinations would produce different sounds, both will effect the sound i think
(i dont even own a tube amp, there's a thread on here called 'all about tubes' or something like that, maybe you should use the search feature)
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You need to change power tubes at the same time, but individual preamp tubes can be changed whenever (I think).
It depends on what 'better sound' you want, to determine what tubes need changed.

*Preamp sets and poweramp sets do not need to be changed at the same time, but if you are changing power tubes, you need to replace the entire set!
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Funny, i was talking to my friend about this yesterday...

No, you dont have to change them both at the same time. Although, if you think about it, it might be a good indication that they are about to expire. I dont know, im not a rocket surgeon.

Mixing and matching will produce a different sound. I believe that if you use a lot of gain in your sound, you will need to replace your preamp tubes more often than using less gain.

Again, not a brain scientist.
Preamp tubes can last a looong time. But power tubes die easier. They don't need to be changed the same timeunless you change the power tubes which is usually 1 2 or 4 etc, you need to change all at the same time.
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No you don't, and with preamp tubes you can also mix and match too.
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