First matters first, I plan on selling a few items (most likely on ebay) and wasn't sure on reasonable pricing. Here are the items, and what I thought would be reasonable.

Marshall mg15 dfx - $75
Ehx metal muff - $60
Marshall guv'nor 2 plus - $30
Epiphone Les Paul Classic (good condition) - $300

Next, I'm not completely sure I'm selling the epi, but if I decide I do I'd need to find a new main guitar. I play on a Crate Palomino V32. I play anything from eagles to pink floyd to metallica to rush. So I'm looking for something versatile. The might issues I have with the les paul are that its very heavy, the finish on the neck makes it slow when your hands sweat, and after many adjustments the g-string still sounds like its never in pitch.

So, I'd like a lighter, strat or super-strat shaped guitar, preferably with a faster neck. I like guitars that come with decent stock pickups. I absolutely HATE floyd roses or floating bridge tremelos, etc. So, most Ibanez's are out of the question. I'd like to keep the price under $600.

A options I'm thinking about are a schecter c1 (the ones with duncans,) a fat strat or tele, or really anything anybody suggests.

Sorry about the lengthy post, Thanks to anybody that responds!
try polishing the neck.
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A Schecter sounds like something you'd want, or an Ibanez RGA.
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godins are bound to be worth a look. They make a load of non-locking trem-loaded superstrats around that budget.

I'd suggest looking at yamaha and lag too, but I don't think you can get the higher-end yamaha pacificas in the US, and I don't know if you can get lags at all.

I think a superstrat (or fat strat) is a good call for that wide of a range of tones. you have a lot of options, too.
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No I don't own one but I've spent a fair bit of time playing them and they are excellent, pretty much blow any import strat out of the water. Very nice guitars. May not be your thing but worth giving a play for sure. I also highly recommend the PRS SE line which I do own. IMO PRS has the best non-locking trem on the market. Pretty versatile too.