When I switch back and forth between drop C and drop E, the 1E string always snaps. Sometimes it doesn't, but most of the time it does. Is there something I'm doing wrong or am I always just gonna have to replace that string?
it all depends on how long you let the guitar sit in drop c. You have to tune it up gradually. when a string sits at a certain pitch long enough it adjust to that tension. A change in pitch that dramatic will cause a string to snap if one sudden tune up.

You should also lubricate your nut and saddles. also if its breaking above the nut your tuning keys may be too sharp.
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drop E? as in a step higher than drop D?
That e string isn't meant to be tuned to f#
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there might be burs at where the strings break..... use a fine grit sandpaper arount where the strings touch metal
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do you have a floating trem? if so, then you might have to adjust the spring tension.
I tune my guitar like 4 times a day because I'm bi-polar as to what i want to play when and I never snap strings.
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drop E? as in a step higher than drop D?
That e string isn't meant to be tuned to f#

zakk wylde sometime tunes his high e to a g so he shouldnt have trouble going to f#

to answer your question, you need to gradually tune your guitar. let it get used to the higher tension
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Might need to use a heavier gauge of strings or if you're using Ernie Balls, Ernie Balls are terrible for tuning.
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Do you spend a lot of time above the 18th fret?

You could always leave the guitar in drop C, then use a capo at the 4th fret to get drop E.

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If its always snapping in the same place, you may have a burr. You could also have a bad batch of strings (it happens). There is also something to be said to gradually increasing the tension of the string when tuning, instead of treating it like a race.

That e string isn't meant to be tuned to f#

High-E strings sure can get to f# and beyond...otherwise, Fripp's NST (C/G/D/A/E/G) wouldn't exist.

See, I kinda have this problem; my G string always snaps

Have you tried larger underwear? And like the original poster, if its always snapping near the nut, check for burrs.
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From what people have said here, I think I'll try always tuning my guitar back to standard whenever I'm finished using it. Could this help?
doubtful., sounds to me like you need to have your nut filed down at a more gradual angle to each of your tuners.. and just slightly, dont lower the action at the nut, only change the angle on the headstock side of it to face your tuners better.