Heres a sorta heavy song, its kinda boring until you get up to the solo

Im still unhappy with the sweeps, cant get them right, really annoying

but I couldnt wait to get it up

Plus I just picked a random name, has nothing to do with the song, just so it would have a title.

C4C As always


Legend Has It....gp5
Hey man

Overall I thought it was good, but could be a lot better.
- First of all I think you need more interlude riffs - perhaps chuck one in the intro where you arn't starting with that D# powerchord. It will break the song up more and it will give that D# powerchord riff more groove because youre returning back to something more familar.
- I liked the chorus, I think with some strings it could really work.
- solo's were great, easily the best part of the song. I felt like some of the sweeps were a bit forced as the melodic parts were (IMO) way better. However the solo needs to segue back into the main riff better - try putting in some transitional riffs or something.
- Lastly, some drums would do this wonders! It would really bring it together

Thats all I have, hope it helps. If you have time to crit my song its in my sig.