hey guys im building the noisy cricket amp from beavis audio, and its says that it sounds best on a 4 speaker cabinet, i was just wondering why??, if i connect the half watt amp to four speaker, will it always be half a watt, or will it be 2 watts??
It will be the same watts but slightly more volumne like a few db. It will have a better bass repsonse if its 412.
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so if im just building the amp to practice with before i build a bigger ones, there really no point in wasting money on 4 speakers??
it sounds best with a nice cab becasue the tiny speakers you usually get are complete ass. they're "general purpose" speakers and aren't designed for guitar amps. i have an old PA speaker that myu school threw away. sounds terrible for guitar but great for my phono.

The speakers make almost all the difference. I made a squier sidekick amp sound awesome just by wiring a couple of old Kenwood speaker cabs to it.

If you want a nice little amp, get some good speakers. Jensen speakers are great, and not that expensive. a C8R is 30 bucks iirc.