ok so i cant decide what kind of amp to buy...im stuck between a crate blackheart (with the 5w head and 1X12"), a bugera (1960 tube "head"), or any other kind of tube amp in those price ranges...the deal is that i dont know if i should get the blackheart halfstack add some pedals (tonebone,bd-2,etc.) to get that slash "sweet child o' mine" sound or that john mayer rock sound.....or should i just get the bugera head and buy a seperate cab (4X12/2X12) to get a better sound than the blackheart

im trying to get a sound that it semi-slash when overdriven and distorted but semi-john mayer when its clean....help please

srry for such a long post
you are going to buy a cab + head and you dont know what you want
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Best bet is to go to the GG&A forum for that

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This ^

Guys, TS has started a new thread on this in GG&A.
Post there if you have something to add.


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