Here is the skinny: A friend and I have a little project that we have been working on for the last 6 months. We have wrapped up our album, this is purely for personal enjoyment, not for mass release but just to show our friends and family, that "hey, by the way, we play music and we are pretty damn good at it". The rough Masters have been completed and the Studio in a box console that we used to record and master is now returned to its original owners.

All the files are already mastered but what I am looking for is for someone who is great with Audacity or some other computer program to level the volumes between each distinguished track ( not far off) and hopefully add a small boost to the quality of the album. The album already sounds solid considering our recording situation and all the obstacles we had to overcome considering our archaic knowledge of recording.

So basically to all you struggling young high school/college students who want an easy way to make a couple of dollars, please make yourselves known.

My idea is to send one track to everyone who is interested, and whoever sends us back with a great result will be hired to shape up and level the rest of the album.

Would anyone be interested?
Originally posted by J_Dizzle
THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Hell, I'd take it just to practice a bit, whether you'd hire me or not.
except I don't have a lot of harddrive space right now, so I'm out of Luck.
I'd give it a shot, as I do need some money for gear etc. Go ahead and send me an email at DARKdoubleunderscoreECHOES{at}Gmail{dot}com
I've gained some experience with levels and EQing; I could even add some effects if you want.
^ sure, check your box in a couple of minutes
Originally posted by J_Dizzle
THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Feel free to send me the track as well. I am all up for giving it a go at mixing it. My email is ulalumemusic@yahoo.com
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