Freshmen year, i joined golf team and i got in varsity. Now i'm a sophomore with 2 AP classes looking at several b's for the semester.

I guess i'm doing fine right now, but next year i'm planning to join jazz band, which'll take even more time than golf. So say i got in, should i quit golf? I'm not sure if i can take both at the same time because they both take a lot of time after school (tournaments, performances).
Would quitting golf to join jazz band show the college people that I'm uncommitted? or would it say i'm talented? (for me, its jazz band>golf) So 4 years varsity golf or 2years varsity then 2 years jazz band?

I'm not sure how much college people weighs the extra curricular stuff.. So another question.. would sacrificing my grade for jazz band be worth it?

please help
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i got into a hard school with no extracurriculars. If you maintain a high gpa with good SAT scores and take AP classes, it should not matter that much. Really depends on what school you're thinking about applying for.
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jeeze unless you plan on going to an ivy league school its not that big of a deal. Ive done absolutely no curriculars at my school and my gpa is like 2.7 im a senior and ive already been accepted to montana state university next year
Fuck the college people, take what you want to take. Something's wrong when you base decisions like this on whether or not a college would care.
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Do whatever the fuck you want. Either way, it won't make much of a difference. Unless of course, you quit golf for jazz band and the admissions people at the colleges you apply to are golf fanatics. Then you're screwed.
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