I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a dsl 100. I've been playing for 5 years and I have a Squier strat. Should I get the amp and wait to get a better guitar (gibson sg standard) or should I buy a lesser amp and a lesser guitar at once? It would take about a year to get the guitar if i buy the marshall. I have enough for the marshall right now though.

Thanks in advance!
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For a new amp:

Home practice/band/gigging?
Music style?

Please answer those questions.
If you think your guitar's playability is good enough than just get a new amp.
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Hey Madmike, I got the dsl 100 and I love it! It adds a great sound to any guitar, I have a Gibson les paul and my other guitarist has a Fender strat and you can really hear the difference between the two (in a good way, their individual tones really come through!). The Squier should sound better through the dsl than your currant amp (depends what amp you are currently using mind), and its great for gigging - looks and sounds nice and meaty!

I'd probably advise trying your squier through one first though, just to make sure you like the actual sounds your getting, but you can get some great tone varieties by changing a few settings. I myself bought the guitar first, however it took the dsl to do it the real justice it deserved (my marshall solid state just doesnt cut it in comparison in my opinion), so if I could go back I'd probably get the amp first.

P.S If you live in the uk, try shopping around at music live for some great deals - I picked up my dsl 100 head for about £500!

Anyway sorry for the essay, hope its helpful though!