Hi, i was wonder how you record with guitar rig. how do i hook my guitar upto the computer ect.
*reported* should be in recording section. You'll need an interface of some sort to plug the guitar into. Have a look at for example the line6 UX1
WTLTL 2011
Buy a recording thing....

Google guitar interface and I'm sure you'll get plenty of info
WTLTL 2011
Can i recommend you the amp effects at www.acmebargig.com price is 0,00$ and it's 100 times better than Gutiar Rig in my honest opinion.

You have probably not paid or are thinking of pirating it, so WHY pirate a bad program when you can get the awesome stuff free?

You still need a interface though. do you have 100$?, 150$?, ...?

i really NOT recommend that cheap one for 60 bucks, it has bad reviews, 1 star reiews = STAY AWAY!!