So, I'm wondering who it is. Does Jay Kay do it(in this case i would assume that he does everything) or does he have a band?
Not to forget Nick Fyffe and the rest of Zender's successors of course.

Stuart Zender was the Bassist and heavy contributor until around 1999 when Fyffe took over to record Synkronized and a Funk Odyssey and then left in 2003.

JK doesn't do everything by a long shot, but it still the focus of the band writing, singing, dancing and producing.
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Stewart Zender is the main Jamiroquai bassist, He used to play a Warwick Streamer, and now has a sig model.
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nick fyfe, stewart zender and paul turner are the ones i can think of atm, and i think turner is still the current bassist. all of them have been pretty awesome bassists.
They had a few session musicians in funk odessy i think, synth/program bass on synchronised.
but for the first three albums stewart zender recorded for them.
paul turner joined shortly after funk odessy.
Sorry about the lack of google. I wasn't thinking too much at the time, but I had an innate feeling that my question would be able to be answered here.