Hi, I'm currently playing a Jackson JS30RR (I think those numbers are correct, it's one of the lower end Rhodes.) I'm having some problems with the guitar's output. There's not enough crunch to it sometimes. It sounds like when you put the volume knob near zero. High gain has little effect at boosting it. If I mess around with the guitar jack sometimes I can get it to sound normal, but it's becoming an increasingly frustrating problems. I've tried different cables, it's something wrong with the guitar itself, I think. Is there anyway I can solve it permanently?
souinds like the jack either is dirty (try some contact cleaner in there), or one of the connections came loose.

You could take it to a tech, or if your compentant enough, unscrew the jack and see if there's a loose connection.

Also try checking your amp, it could just be your amp is going bad.
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