Hi, I've been wanting to learn how to sweep pick for a while. I've only been playing guitar for a year and three months. I'm still a beginner so is there anything you guys suggest I learn before I take on sweep picking? I've been wanting to do it but I was wondering was there anything that I had to know really good to try it? I came to the Ultimate-Guitar forums to see if you guys could suggest anything for me. Sweep picking looks and sounds very nice and I'm wanting to do it.
im no expert but i learned how to do 3 string sweeps from a paul gilbert video on youtube. hes a great teacher and its easy once you get the hang of it
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theres a great video that started me out with sweeping in the UG videos section...

its with Marc Seal...i think its just called Sweep Picking
Definitely drill lots and lots of scales before attempting sweeps. While you can with plenty of practice get the motions down, it is pretty useless if you don't have the knowledge of theory to back it up.
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check out joel wanasek on insaneguitar.com
i used his exercises and they did me pretty well
Remember to always practice with a metronome. Its pretty much the most important part to make them sound even and nice. Start slow. I started at 70 BPM doing three strings. And keep at it. You'll make progress slowly but surely.
All you have to do is make sure you use the correct fingers while sweeping. Don't cheat by using our ring when you should use your pinky. It'll make your sweeping a lot more fluid.
Thanks a lot for the tips guys! I'm gonna work more on my scales and arpeggios and also start on sweep very slow.