Another one of my band's progressive metal tunes,

lemme know what you think!
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I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

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That's Really Sick! I Don't Really Know What To Say Since Prog Is Not My Genre. But. I Like It, And This Was Certainly A Good Piece Of Music! Too Bad This Track Is Short, Ended A Bit Abrupt, And Would've Take More. Anyway, 8.5/10. Maybe Nine. I wanna Hear More!!
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I swear, that thing is evil. I love your the acoustic bit at the beginning, it really nice, and the bitting the tapping and descension, that was really good. The heavy riffs were real good, original yet familiar. Over all I'd give it a 9/10.
that was pretty good. reminds me of protest the hero, minus the beginning and the synth parts and slightly more concrete structure. i don't know. i don't really have much to say, cause it's good for what it is. i'd like to see it sort of push genre boundaries more; you're sort of staying in "progressive metal" and not really doing much that i haven't heard before. the ending is also a bit abrupt. at least give it a bar rest at the and maybe tie the last note to an eighth in that bar.

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I agree with Grovermans, it reminds me a bit of Protest the Hero in some places...but way better! I like it you obviously did some work on this and it's cool. It's got some originality yet is still very listenable and even headbang-able in some parts. The acoustic part was cool but I think it could even be longer and have more added or at least rework the ending as it was a bit sudden. Nice though! 8.5/10
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What i would enjoy is,

Repeating that intro at bar 12 again, so it flows better, and creates a contrast.
But just a suggestion.