Hey all, I'm getting ready to order a Hellraiser Deluxe from MF.com and I'm just stopping by here to get one thing cleared up before I finalize things. I currently am still playing my Ibanez GSA60 starter guitar I bought a little over a year ago (through a B52 AT-112 Tube Combo Amp), and what I'm curious about is how you would compare the neck of that guitar to the neck of the Hellraiser Deluxe. I ask this because I hear ramblings about Schecter necks being thick, but some are thinner than others, etc.

From all the pics I've seen across the web, no pictures allow me to judge thickness so I figured I'd come here for an answer. I played a non-Hellraiser at GC months ago (can't remember exactly what it was) and it felt a little thick, but at the same time I played surprisingly faster on it than I did on the ESP EC-1000 DLX I was playing on before it.

How would you compare the neck of a (starter) Ibanez and the Hellraiser Deluxe?

Many thanks
hellraiser is thicker

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i own the hellraiser deluxe. i have pics to prove it =). but the neck on the hellraiser is a little wider then most ibanez rg necks and the gio necks. but it feels really nice and you can get around very good. cutaways are great too. the beauty of the guitar is undescribeable since you cant see it very well from online. sounds insanely great sustain you cannnot! go wrong with this guitar. emgs are sick. very bluesy but dangerously metally
Nice, as long as the neck isn't grossly thicker to where I'd have to seriously adjust my playing style I'll be happy. Definitely willing to adapt to the guitar as it is quite the upgrade from my current one