I have only owned one guitar in my life so i don't know much about guitar brands so i hope you guy's can help me. I'm looking for a guitar for around 400$ that can play metal which is my my main genre at the moment but I'm also looking for a versatile one that can play other genres as well like Blues or Jazz which i hope to learn later in the future all suggestion will be appreciated
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Ya id say shecter, or a cheap ESP
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400$ wont get you anything worth wile....if you want somrhign good save up till you ahve at least 700$ look for used guitars especially ESP, brian moore, fender, G&L, paul reed smith, and ibanez

What about a good ol' Ibanez RG. You can definitely get a versatile Ibanez in that range.
I would look into a Michael Kelly Patriot, Fender Fat Strat's, and schecter C-1s.

I also suggest Ibanez 3xx series as long as you buy a used one with an Edge Pro or Floyd Rose tremolo installed. Otherwise avoid them as the Edge 3 is not worth your time and frustration. Some of Ibanez S series might run around $400 if you look on craigslist or ebay as well.

www.rondomusic.com has quite a few les paul style guitars worth looking into. Les Pauls are very versatile guitars, as well as some of their soloist body guitars.

A used PRS SE series would be a great option as well.
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Ibanez RG321 + pickup swap can be very versatile if you have the right set up. And it's also cheap so that's another plus.
$450 can get you the ibanez SA260fm which I hear good things about. HSS with coil tappng. Looks like a pretty huge range of sounds. Of course if you wanted a locking trem this wouldn't work but you didnt specify so I thought I'd throw it out there.
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