i was messing around with some tunings today, and i came up with a pretty awsome one.
you tune the low E down to a C, and the A down to a G.
its open CM9 (i guess).
on google it says its "Hawaii slack tuning".

its WICKED cool.
cause its a fifth between and C and G, and a fifth between the G and D.
its really fun to jam around with cause you can still solo in standard on the top 4 strings, but create heavy riffs and epic chords on the lower two strings.

i think its cool because i dont like tuning my guitar to tunings that are WAY different than standard, cause it messes me up.
but this one is only a little different than standard.

EDIT: should i bring this thread to the music theory section?
i didnt know where to put it, but i just wanted to get some input on it =]
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