I tried to improve my writing skills and changed my songwriting direction a bit to a more progessive approach. I have the vocal melodies in my head and everything which is a mixture of growls, thrashy, and clean vocals. Tell me what you think of the song so far. This is the current finished product of the song I have so far. C4C as always. Forgive me if some of the parts are a bit lengthy (they're ment for the vocal harmonies)
A Link in the Universe.gp5
A Link in the Universe.gp4
A Link in the Universe.mid
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I don't know man, you're gonna get a lot of flak about how this is not even close to death metal, even if you stick the word progressive in front of it.

Having said that, bar 51 can be written in 4/4; writing it in 9/8 just looks pretentious man. The riff itself isn't bad though.

Bar 59 is pretty slick, will probably sound w/ vocals.

The verse riffs gets used way too much, you say progressive but all I'm seeing is reused riffs.

Bar 115, I'm digging this, you're a lot like me when you use those inverted chords b/c I do the same for my breakdowns haha

Bar 131 was pretty damn epic but it goes on for a bit too long IMO

Outro could have been better instead of rehashing the intro but to each his own, I know I've done it several times in the past

Keep trying though, it's a good piece on its own but I would not call it prog death metal
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Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
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Sounds cool man

reminds me off a cross-over between Death and Gojira or something..

Nice clean intro, especially when the harmony comes in

Verse riffs sound cool, though I would have to say that even though there will be vocal harmonies on top of it, it wouldn't be a bad idea to change it up for the second part of the verse..

Pre chorus flows nicely from the Verse-part, sounds good

I can really imagina a Gojira-type singing style over the chorus (which makes it awesome )

The sudden change back to Verse fits here well, and good idea to only put in one section of each verse-riff, otherwise the verses would stretch too long across the song.

I don't know what kind of singing melody your gonna put above the pre-chorus, but if it will be the same for 'Pre-chorus extra' I think you need to add a little extra twist to the guitars, or maybe take the L. guitar an octave higher or something

For chorus see what I said earlier about it

Nothing wrong with counterpart, but it gives me too much of a metalcore feel this way, which I think is not the best there is for a prog/death song, HOWEVER:
I do really like it with the other guitar coming in at bar 131
definitely reminds me of Gojira the most in this song

Nice thought of bringing the clean part back as outro, fits well

All in all pretty cool song

Care to take a look at a little piece of mine?


ow and to the guy above me:

This actually is a progressive death metal song technically speaking, it's deathmetal based, but then performed differently, with a calmer feel to it
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