hey guys, for all that don't like chicken or steak, how do you prepare your tofu?
I wanna try a tofu burger.

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Tofu is just gross.
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I had to eat that crap a few times for about a year living with vegans. The answer to that is simple, I don't prepare tofu because is gnarly, except for dessert tofu, which is pretty dec.
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i love tofu. it's so versatile. for the first time, fry it because it takes awhile to get used to the consistency otherwise.
theres nothing wrong with tofu, you just have to get the extra firm kind otherwise its soft and almost jelly-like. for best results freeze it first, then defrost it with weight ontop of it to squeeze out most of the moisture. then its like a sponge that can absorb whatever flavor you want. yeah a steak is better, but tofu has its place.
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I bought a package of tofu a while ago, just to see what the heck it really was. And it's basically $4 of nothing. I ended up frying it and dipping it in barbecue sauce.
You have to have extra firm and it's extremely neutral so it is all in the the way you prepare it. Also silkin tofu's and extra soft tofu's are commonly used for making mouse and other desserts.

Tofu in a stir fry is awesome though
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I've been growing up in an asian household all my life, so I don't mind tofu. It's relatively light, though a bit bland, and it's good for your body and whatnot.

I don't get all this overpriced simulated meat garbage though. You're better off just eating pasta with vegetables or something if you're vegan.

EDIT: Actually, have any of you guys ever heard of stinky tofu?

It's pretty much fermented tofu. I remember my family members loving that stuff whenever I went back to Taiwan.

Apparantly, the taste is great, but I haven't tried it because it literally smells worse than dog shit.
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My sister's a vegetarian so once she bought some tofu and let us all taste some. I was the only one in my family (including her) who liked it. But that was the only time I've ever had it.

I'm not sure how it was prepared. It didn't really have a taste. But it was kinda chewy like steak.
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I only like it when it's made in to chocolate mousse.
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And it's basically $4 of nothing. I ended up frying it and dipping it in barbecue sauce.

*forgets that not everyone has soy sauce laying around the kitchen*
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Stir fry tofu is amazing.
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Stir fry tofu is amazing.

not amazing but the way I mostly eat it. Lots of say sauce and fish sauce too..

also if you cut it up into bight size pieces and marinate it in honey and soy, then fry it up in a stir fry it is yummy yummy.

Or replace the meat with it in a rogan josh style curry.
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I usually eat my tofu on top of a massive steak.

That is so wrong, dude ;D

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hey guys, for all that don't like chicken or steak, how do you prepare your tofu?

Throw it in the bin and then eat some bacon.
I don't know, something that ironically involves eating meat and undermines the whole purpose of eating tofu. Make it up yourself.
Tofu stir fry is ****ing deliecious!!

In other protein related news, i plan to have eggs and something soya chunk related tonight.
Tofu is nasty stuff. No matter how you cook it, its always slimy and tasteless.
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Never had the pleasure of tasting it.
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