I have a set of Schecter Diamond Plus Humbuckers from an old guitar, but I have a problem. ;(

One has a gray wire, and the other a black, the pups are NOT labeled neck and bridge - which has me stumped. I can only guess that the black would be for the Bridge, but honestly have no idea. I've tried google, tried the schecter schematics, no luck.

I also have a set of Duncan Design HB101N and HB102B. (Labeled )

I know they're both low-end pup sets, and I'm leaning toward the diamond set, but which would more clarity?

I have no idea which is better, but try measuring the resistance of the diamond pickups..

generally, the one with a higher resistance is going to be the bridge. not exactly a fool-proof plan, but if you've got a multimeter, it's easy enough...
often the neck pickup has a longer wire.
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