This is my attempt at, like, an Iron & Wine type song, that hushed naturalistic Folky style, it's probably pretty bad, but I thought I'd give it a shot

Smoke rolls down off the mountain through the trees,
And the blackness rustles through the grit of my soul.
The flames are licking at the knife’s edge of the creek;
Translucent steam rises to the opaque smolder
In the sky…

The glorious pair rises into the violet-azure sky
A waltz breathtaking in its splendorous majesty
The inferno builds, zephyrs whip, leaves join the fray
Hues coalesce; yellows and scarlets enter the swirl
Around the peak…

Flare devours the foliage
Ash defiles the aviary
Magnificence bred through the blaze

You’re the fire that awakened my soul
tú eres el fuego que despertó mi alma
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