Hello bass forum, I have found a Peavey TKO 115 on craigslistat a decent price. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with this specific amp combo and if they could perhaps give a quick crit of the amp.

It's this amp:

Also, could someone explain the difference in wattage with the change in ohms and the impact it has with tone?

Thank you once again bass forum!
The music department at my school has that exact amp and I get to play with it every once in a while. It's a great amp -- Peavey makes a lot of good stuff. What exactly is "a decent price"? Just curious.

EDIT: Also, ohmage won't affect your tone, except that you get less wattage. So you get less volume. Tone should be unchanged.
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I've had a lot of experience with this amp. i was in a guys band and he let me use this bass amp instead of lugging my halfstack around.

it was the older version, but it was awesome. has a fantastic tone, and tons of balls. plenty loud too.
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i own a tko 65 and i love it. always use it for practice and even play guitar through it with a distortion pedal.
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I usually hear good things from peavey and just wanted to be sure about this specific amp.

@P-bass pirate: Thanks for the info on the ohms and the seller is selling it for a little under 200 dollars(US) which is a great deal compared to MSRP.
I have an early eighties TKO 115, it's treated me pretty well over the years
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The amp runs at 75 watts on its own and at 100 with an 8 ohm extension cabinet.
My TNT 115 has treated me well for a few years now. They're built like tanks, relatively beer-proof and I've never heard/experienced anything bad about/with Peavey's amps. Go for it.
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