i don't sing, but i joined a jam club and it is failing because it is mostly singers. i want to help fix it up though. how do you get the more jammy feel as a singer? i was thinkin maybe taking songs and covering them (leaving room for guitar solos and such) and attempting it as a diff genre so singers can still kind of be in the moment and making the vibe of it up and stuff?

please help, how does one jam as a singer?
one word.... SCAT
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with metal vocals you can just scream random nonsense, it's funny if you have two singers trying to out do the ridiculousness of the other... like scat only violent

for a regularly sung genera idk

edit: covers like you said would work or just improvise random lyrics
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Start by making a thread in the singing forum and go from there.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.