The past 2mo. or so I've been buying a new set of strings every week to figure out which I like best. Experimenting with different gauges, brands, wound g and reg g. My current wound g (D'Addario 12's) is starting to unravel and some parts of the string above the fret are pushing the threading up so it looks like ____--_____--____ I'm assuming I've just got a bad set, but this is the first time I've come across this. Happen to anyone else?
It's very weird, it's starting to rough up my fingers so I basically have to change strings now
I used to use the same set on my Les Paul. I probably used em for 2 years and changed strings every 3 weeks. I never had that problem.
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This is my 2nd set of D'Addarios that have been bad in about a months span. I must have really bad luck. I'm putting my last set of strings on atm, hopefully they're decent or I'll go back to boomers, which are much cheaper.
I've had that happen to me a few times with flatwound strings, but only when I had gone too long without replacing them.
weird. maybe a bad set
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Ive been usining Dean Markley 12s with a wound 3rd for about 6 months. Hasn't happened to me.

Maybe your G-string is too tight?
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