That's just the module, you have to buy the pedal platform or whatever it's called separately.
It's a decent enough delay but the tone suck when it's off is rather egregious.
Yes, it can be used on bass.
Ermm... you do realise its a module for a pedal, right?
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+1 to what Colin said.
The delay itself is decent, but. The pedal is cheaply made. It's a module, so you'd need to buy the platform, or get the separate pedal.
Imo you should save up a bit more. I honestly can't think of any delay pedals under $100 that are decent.

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I buy my things off of Amazon. lol What do you guys think of this effect pedal box w/e you wanna call it? It has swell and reverse echo, I'm really digging it, but what do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

Also can this be used with a bass guitar? Thanks again.

That will not work without a Line 6 Pedal Chassis.

It's decent, pretty nice features but rather detrimental to ones overall tone.

All guitar effects can be used for bass, in fact any and every effect can be used on anything and everything that is transmitted through it as an audio signal.
Hmmm...I was thinking of getting an Echopark too, but now I might just splurge on the T-Rex Replica...

I'll have to try the echopark and make up my own decision I guess. Sorry for the almost threadjack. It is just the module et cetera.
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the tape echo sound on that is quite good actually

Pretty much the only thing i use mine for.

Punkified Fuzz -> Tape echo = awesome trumpet.