HI guys just wondering if we could get some help or any suggestions for our problem.We have started a band that played melodic rock/metal, but now we would like to move onto 80's trash metal and we dont know how to fit the keyboard in with the fast paced music. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please tell us.WE NEED HELP!!!!!
thanks alot mate but would u be able to suggest any sort of tone for the keyboard that might suit
hmm it completely depends, But listen to

Rammstein - Liebe ist fur alle da (keyboard solo)
Dream Theater - The Count of Tuscany

Basically you could add some nice droning Gospel Choir/string over some big chorus
Saw/Square leads and pad sounds are probably the most common, but its truly experimental

RAmmstein - DAs alte leid 3 min markish, has this really RAW sounding keyboard lead that you could look into, for a band like your polished sounds wouldnt work to well
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