So I hope I'm not breaking some sort of rule by making this post right after I created my account, but I figured I'd risk it! Hopefully you guys can help me find what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for an amp to save up for, so I'd probably put my budget around $1500, though if there's something simply amazing for not much more then by all means I'll consider it. As the title hints at, I like to play pop punk music around the style of Fall Out Boy (and many other very similar artists).

Just going based off of FOB, it looks like they use Bogner ubershall heads which, if the Bogner thread is to be believed, has enough gain to eat my mother. As well as a Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier Cabinet which according to the Mesa site has "a thundering low end response and a tailored midrange character. This is our most popular cabinet, at this point an icon in heavy music." Then an Orange 2×12 Cab for cleans. All of that (as a whole) I think is a good deal out of my range.

I'm not sure quite how to summarize the characteristics of those various pieces, but that's about the sound I'm going for.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! I appreciate it a lot.
You are correct - the Uberschall has enough gain to eat your whole street, let alone your mother!
Also, check out some kind of Recto head to match the cab - Not many people like triple rectos, but duals and singles are nice and also have a sh1tload of gain to play with!
if you wanted to stay cheap,go for a randall G3 head ( the 150) and it would cover most of your needs, and it would be all over those kinda tones- its not a tube amp though ( which would be a far better choice)

there are millions of other choices in what you could get, so ill break it down like this:::

I play lead guitar in the band 'The Me Monster' I'm using a fender twin reverb ( its an 85 watt tube combo- and im running a run of the mill marshall cab with some seventy eightys in it) thus having a 6x12. for my distortion im using an Mxr-115.
the twin isnt exactly meant for pop punk but i use it and it sounds amazing for the style. if your skeptical check it out.

-give every amp you can find a try, and see what you feel best playing through, you might end up using an amp that necessarily meant for that style of music.
A Single Recto head would work for you. Also consider a couple Marshalls like the JCM's (800,900, 2000 DSL/TSL) or an Orange. Maybe even a Vox AC30.
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You are correct - the Uberschall has enough gain to eat your whole street, let alone your mother!
Also, check out some kind of Recto head to match the cab - Not many people like triple rectos, but duals and singles are nice and also have a sh1tload of gain to play with!

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So is $1,500 your budget for both amp and cab?

BTW - I personally wouldn't worry about 2 different cabs if that was where you are going.

I take it you are looking at used gear?

What is your closest major city?
Yes, the $1,500 budget is for both the amp and cab, though it's slightly flexible of course (Probably no higher than $2k). I realized today while I was at work that I had left some information out, and some of the other information might be confusing (I don't really need two cabs).

I'm thinking an all-tube half stack would be my ideal purchase, but I only really need something big enough to play small to mid sized venues without being mic'd up. So if I can get something a lot nicer and slightly smaller, that's an option. I'm not opposed to looking at used gear at all, I'd just be worried that I don't know enough to make sure the amp isn't thrashed before I buy it.

I live in the LA area (a bit north of Hollywood).
As much as I would love to, it looks like the Uberschall is already out of my price range as just the head alone, even forgetting another decent chuck of money for a cab. Maybe if I catch a ridiculously lucky break and this becomes my career (without me even trying to make it such haha) then I'll pop for one!
Marshall JCM2000s, 800s, 900s
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Mesa Single Rectifier
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Carvin V3

Those stand out in my mind and are all heads that can be found for anywhere between $500 to about $1000. A good 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet (new and used) could be found for around $400-$800 (approximatly). That should also help give you a place to start!
Yeah man, you've got lots of killer gear all around you. I picked these off the first page so these were all posted today. I also saw a Rockerverb, a Sunn, several Dr Z, a Triple Rec, and a bunch of Bassmans. There was a Diamond Spec-Op head to for $2,000 if you want to go crazy. You could find a used Splawn Quick Rod in your range as well.

These caught my eye the most based on your budget and specs etc.

Egnater Tourmaster 4100 w/matching cab $1400

Marshall JCM 2000 TSL w/cab $1100

Mesa Boogie Mark IV head $1500 (needs cab)

Marshall 1974x combo $1500

THD Flexi-50 head $1250 (needs cab)

Mesa Boogie Mark III combo $1250

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Duece $1200

Marshall Slash Sig 2555 $1700 (needs cab)

Line 6 Vetta II with cab $1200

Orange OR120 head $1275 (needs cab)

Marshall JCM800 w/cab $1950

Bogner Shiva head $1500 (needs cab)

Hiwatt DC 50 combo $850

Mesa Boogie Road King $1650 (needs cab)

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I'm gonna say a Mesa Single Rectifier will fit you pretty well.
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A Single Recto head would work for you. Also consider a couple Marshalls like the JCM's (800,900, 2000 DSL/TSL) or an Orange. Maybe even a Vox AC30.

Listen to the man. Orange amps are actually pretty amazing and versatile as long as you do not wish to shred or play metal.
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I'd just get a Dual Rec and be done with it. They're going for really low prices used as of late. I've seen as low as $700 for the head but the average price is around $900-$1000. The matching cab goes for around $300-$600 used but I wouldn't recommend it with the Dual Rec. Go for this Orange and talk him down in price. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/msg/1449116923.html

Also, this is an incredible price for a Framus Dragon, which has a bit of a Recto vibe. I say get it.

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Thanks guys, you've all been so helpful. I'd say I've got a good amount of information to start shopping around and trying stuff out. Sadly it looks like that Framus Dragon you suggested was such a good deal that the posting got removed only hours later! But thanks anyway mmolteratx.
Dual Recs and JCM2000s are the go-to amps for modern pop punk. All Time Low, Paramore, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, The Starting Line, Yellowcard... even FOB used to use JCM2000s. Older stuff like Green Day, Jawbreaker, Lifetime... those guys all used JCM800s. Blink is the only band I can name that's used a 900. I've only heard of FOB playing Uberschalls, and honestly I don't like their tone for that kind of music (nothing wrong with the Uberschall by any means, it's just doesn't sound right in pop-punk to me). Same for 5150s and most other American voiced metal amps. Really, rectos are the only American voiced amps that ever show up in pop-punk.

Most of the time you see Dual Rectifiers on rhythm and some kind of British voiced amp on leads. A lot of bands that start out playing Dual Recs move on to Oranges or Mesa Stilettos for rhythm though. NFG did that, and I think All Time Low did too.
try out orange, mesa boogie dual/triple rectos, marshall jcm 2000's and vox ac30h2(handwired one, heritage series)...those are all great amps for pop punk.

if i were you i wouldnt go for bogner...there are better amps out there for what you are looking for. ^
Depends on how much gain your looking to get.
I play pop punk as well. Using a Vox ac15cc1X which sounds killer for my taste. Not much clean headroom but i love it.
Check out the recordings in my band's profile. I'm the only guitarist and the songs were recorder using the above stated Vox and an Agile al2000 goldtop.
I'd try a Single Rec, theyre fairly versatile. A JCM 2000 is another popular one. You could probly get away with using most anyhting for Pop Punk its not overly demanding. You could also look at some Bugeras theyre a little cheaper.